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“A sanctuary for Wildlife”

A passion to protect burning deep in the soul of a caring human awakes when an orphaned and injured zebra foal is rescued. From this burning desire to protect grows a unique place of safety; a protected sanctuary for numerous injured, orphaned, traumatized and misplaced wild animals. What was once only a dream in someone's mind has become a shared passion with many kind hearted and animal loving people across the globe that has seen the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary prosper and grow

Establishing this unique place in an uncaring world has been a slow and sometimes extremely difficult process.. Here wildlife can learn to once again trust and not fear man.

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SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary

South Africa is facing its worst conservation crisis ever. At the current rate of poaching rhinos in this country could face total extinct in 10-15 years.  The enemy that the rhinos, the rangers and ultimately we as humans face is a formidable one. The poachers are well trained and supported by ruthless criminal syndicates.  They are prepared for rangers, and are willing to stop anyone who stands in their way with lethal force.

The ongoing slaughter is reported in the media on an almost daily basis.  Horrific pictures have an indescribable traumatizing  effect on members of the public and those working the frontline to combat poachers. Many private rhino owners and park officials experience an utter feeling of helplessness on finding more and more amazing animals, dehorned, tortured and slaughtered.  For animal lovers and for those with a great respect for nature and wildlife it has become hell on earth! What does bring hope under these dire circumstances is how people are beginning to fight back!

Join us in setting up South Africa's first dedicated non-profit private rhino sanctuary where rhinos may live out their lives under natural conditions in the wild while being afforded armed close protection.